Welcome! We’re a small group of kite fliers (pilots) in the Austin area of central Texas.

We’d love to meet with you, fly with you, show you the lines, chat, or just put on a show while you watch. Bring sunscreen and water. Bring a kite if you want, or ask if you want to try one of ours. Here’s a facebook link, for those who prefer that. We have an official gathering day of the second Saturday of the month. Check the calendar for upcoming flying days, both the monthly date and flying ‘because the sky is there’ days.

People in the group have been flying in Old Settlers Park since the mid 1990s. Although we are a small group of individual pilots, we have flown with teams and even been hosts for regional kite competitions. See the About Us page for more.

Old Settlers Park is an amazing facility. Typically the winds come from the south, the fields just north of the pond provide a half-mile long run for winds to stabilize. They’re still highly variable inland winds, but they are stable enough for sport kites, and strong enough for show kites.